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Carmel Pharms
Carmel Pharms is a large ACMPR cannabis Grow Op facility in Ontario, where marijuana products asre grown, trimmed, prepared, packaged, stored, and shipped. To meet high security standards, Carmel Pharms called on Bond Securcom to install an advanced security system for this Cannabis facilit, which included hundreds of cameras -- covering literally every angle of the facility. The perimiter is protected from a high tech fence and laser tripwire system, that all integrates into the ICT Protégé GX Access Control and Intrustion system. 
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Namaste Technologies is as an international cannabis eCommerce company operating 32 sites in 20 countries. In Canada they serve cannabis over 50, 000 consumers from their Toronto retail distribution centre, CannMart. At CannMart, large volumes of medical marijuana must be tightly secured -- under security that meets the standards of strict government ACMPR regulators. For this, CannMart called upon Bond Securcom to provide an ICT Protégé GX access control system, with an advanced fence and perimeter integrity system and a CCTV system with video analytics. With a vault protected by Bond Securcom, CannMart can feel safe knowing their products are under the highest standard of protection -- 24/7.
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