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Building Automation

  • In business for over 40 years, Bond Securcom has provided innovative security solutions to a wide range of organizations in need of effective security for ever-changing needs. We'd like to keep you up to date with current industry trends, opportunities and threats to your business’ security.Condo Leak

    Increasingly, flooding and water damage is affecting businesses in the GTA – from condominiums and hotels to industrial warehouses and commercial office-towers. A small leak – from a drain pipe, washing machine, dishwasher, sink, or shower – can go undiscovered for months, while spreading and causing mold. Repairs are costly and time-consuming, often requiring vacating units or entire floors while walls, floors and ceilings are ripped apart. If this happens during construction, this sets back timelines and raises costs significantly. If delays or evacuations inconvenience tenants, water leaks can tarnish your business’ reputation too.

    This can all be avoided with a simple solution: Bond Securcom can install a water damage prevention system with water sensors to detect, notify you and control leaks as soon as they occur. Our systems will sound alarms in the building or notify building management right on their smartphones. If you’re not around, Bond’s monitoring center can turn off the water supply for affected sections of your building through remotely-controlled actuator valves.

    If you’d like to minimize loss in your facility, a water damage prevention system is essential. Even in existing facilities, Bond Securcom can install wireless water sensors – so drywall remains intact and no expensive wiring is required. Bond can integrate water damage prevention systems with your existing alarm or access control system – be it ICT, Avigilon Access, C-Cure or DSC – so you can manage your security in one environment.

    Bond Securcom can provide you with the right loss prevention systems for your business – or our experts can even provide a full threat assessment. Please give us a call at 416 256 6666 if you are interested in discussing a solution for your business.