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Today, with over 76% of Canadians carrying smartphones with them wherever they go, smartphones present a great opportunity to make your access control system more convenient and more secure. Smartphones can now be used to replace your traditional key card or fob access control credentials -- so your users never need to worry about carrying around their card or fob. Mobile Access Credentials SmallWith mobile credentials, it's also easier than ever to manage your user setup, tracking, and guest registration for your access control system -- whether it's ICT Protege, C-CURE 9000, or another access control system.

The technology itself is equally or, in some cases, more secure than top-of-the-line encrypted key fobs and cards. But, users are often less likely to lose their smartphone than their key fob -- and if they do, mobile credentials are protected by a PIN -- keeping your building more secure.

For many access control systems, it's simple to start rolling out mobile credentials while simultaneously continuing to use key fobs and cards.

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