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Advances in video system technology have occurred at a more rapid pace than perhaps any other aspect of security. From the early VHS tapes to analog DVRs to today’s fully digital Network Video Recorders (NVRs) the rate of change has been breathtaking, especially when it comes to making capital decisions regarding new infrastructure. Analog/digital hybrid video recorders (HVRs) have helped provide a transition path to enable the many analog camer

as already installed to be used alongside the new IP megapixel units now flooding the market.

Surveillance Camera

But progress doesn’t stop, and we are now seeing video assume its rightful place alongside intrusion and access control in protecting people and properties. Advanced analytics can now be embedded in digital cameras for about the same price as a conventional camera, but the advanced detection techniques give today’s systems capabilities far outstrip the traditional event review and investigation role typically assigned to video systems.

Bond Securcom has carefully selected video partners who understand the overall mission, and who produce products and systems which help you manage a broad range of issues and threats. 

Whether your requirement is for a small analog video system with four analog cameras, a massive, IP-based digital system with redundant video servers, or a combination of analog and digital cameras managed on the same hybrid DVR/NVR to provide a managed transition to the newer technologies, there are many choices to consider:

  • initial system size and potential growth in number of cameras?
  • image resolution and frame rate?
  • indoor and/or outdoor camera?
  • analog or IP, analog and IP?
  • need for extremely high resolution (megapixel) cameras?
  • extreme operating conditions?
  • budget?
  • and, of course, quality, support and service.

Bond makes it easier.  We have designed and installed small, simple analog camera systems, and sophisticated systems with as many as 250 IP cameras connected via a fiber backbone to fully redundant servers.  Do you need full redundancy in your servers to ensure the integrity of the video record even if hard drives or key video server components fail?  We can coach you on the solution best suited to your requirements.  While we support many manufacturers of video systems, we favour the technology and solutions offered by the following companies:


The Avigilon video surveillance system provides excellent high definition video imagery via an easy-to-use front-end that provides powerful yet intuitive tools to enable users to manage system settings or quickly access recorded video.  A wide range of high resolution cameras and Avigilon’s High-Definition Stream Management™ technology ensure the best possible imagery with the minimum bandwidth and storage requirements. The Avigilon system integrates with most access control systems, including C-Cure 9000 by Software House.

Visit the manufacturer's website here:  

Avigilon- the best evidence

Axis provides IP-based network video solutions including network camers (IP cameras) and video encoders for security surveillance and remote monitoring.

Visit the manufacturer's website here:

Bosch provides a wide range of cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and other imaging components offering high quality and very good value, with a focus on image quality and integration tools and methods.

Visit the manufacturer's website here:


 ExacqVision video solutions by exacq Technologies integrate with a wide variety of access control systems (such as C-Cure 9000 and Protégé).   Digital and hybrid analog digital servers provide a smooth upgrade path to enable existing cameras to be married to new digital megapixel cameras in one simple, user-friendly system.  Extreme ease of use leads to reduced training times, even when powerful video management and search tools are utilised.

Visit the manufacturer's website here:

Exacq Vision NVR


HikVision is the world's largest manufacturer of DVRs. Well known for quality in Asia and Europe, the brand is less well known in North America, but the company`s analog and IP cameras and DVRs and NVRs are of exceptional quality, and offer great value.

Visit the manufacturer's website here:

Hikvision Cameras

Panasonic offers a complete line of high quality analog and digital cameras, recorders, video servers, matrix switchers, and fiber optic communications components.

Visit the manufacturer's website here:

Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems and equipment ideal for any industry.

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